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Photo 31/365: Dash


A simple image for the last day of the month: the dashboard of my car taken on my iPhone as I waited for people to move from blocking me in at my daughter’s nursery. It was in colour but I decided to edit it on the iPhone to a black and white image with some grainy filtering too.

Photo 30/365: Reminders


Despite this being a daily project I still set a reminder to take my daily photo because before I know it, my day has normally shot by and I should be heading up to bed. I’m not complaining, but life does move pretty fast!

Photo 29/365: Back to work


As I turn off my work computer it’s time to fire up my personal computer and make some updates to core code given WordPress released security updates to their CMS product. I’d never noticed until the close up, those keys need a good clean.

Photo 28/365: Leg it!


Making a bid for freedom are our stars of the show: the jelly babies from a packet of Haribo. The raison d’être for this photo is really just an excuse for me to eat the little fellas once I’d taken a picture of them trying to make a getaway from the packet.

Photo 27/365: So long snow


After a foot of snow on Friday night we’ve had a fast defrost today. Only a few remnants of snow remain as the sun sets on today. I’ve tried to capture the end of the day combined with the end of the snow. Shot with the Nikon D80 and a Sigma 10-20mm lens. I’d like to have had an graduated filter so the sun and sky weren’t quite so bright but I don’t have one for the lens at the moment.

Photo 26/365: Floral Infinity


I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t get to post a picture today since I’m away; however I’ve got my trusty iPhone with me. The downside is that sometimes a photo on a small screen can look great but once viewed “normal size” you quickly realise an image should have been binned. This photo is therefore a punt since I felt it looked good on the small screen. I hope it does so on a bigger screen too!

Photo 25/365: Red Nose


Comic Relief is coming! Charlie got three red noses today and graciously modelled one of them for me whilst I had a quick play with the 10-20mm lens I’ve been loaned by my Dad. Couldn’t resist the cliched leaning forward disproportionate head shot! Sorry!

Photo 24/365: Fire


Our boiler is on the blink and keeps tripping itself. Any excuse to put the fire on! I tried this shot a lot of different ways (aperture / shutter changes and different ISOs). Nothing really stood out but I liked the way the brick in the back reflects the heat and the lava like hot spots around the rocks from this shutter speed.

Photo 23/365: Flowers (Part 2) Reflected


These are yesterday’s flowers but in a new location. They were on our mantlepiece which has a large mirror right nest to it. The flowers to the left are the actual flowers right whilst the flower to the right are their reflection. It’s not as sharp or as obvious as I’d hoped. I did use a 50mm lens to ensure anything in the background was blurred out. Next time I try this I think I’ll wind down the ISO and get a lot more natural light into the scene since there was, again, very little light around when I shot this. (Flash maybe?)

Photo 22/365: Flowers


Earlier today I felt like I was starting to feel a little lacking in inspiration for this project. New ideas etc. Thankfully, when I got home, I noticed my wife had bought some flowers. I’ve not particularly taken any frame filling photos as yet (although I did have an idea to shoot a load of pocket change I’ve not put into action yet). The picture isn’t quite in focus so I’m going to pretend to be arty and call it soft focus instead. Wonder if I’ll get away with it? This is also the first portrait (orientation) photo I’ve taken since the project began. I have to fess up though, I did rotate the image to see what it would look like in landscape!