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Photo 42/365: VW Rat look (from the archives)



Unfortunately I’m not very well today. As a consequence I’m really not up for taking a picture. Instead, I’ve delved into my archives and am posting this image of a Rat look VW camper van I took as the Bus Stop Over in Leicester a couple of years ago. I hope this isn’t considered cheating on the 365 project!

Photo 41/365: Here we go again


Taken on the iPhone this morning; basically the beginning of yet another round of snow. It’s wet but sticking out there. Quite frankly, I’ve had enough of it. For sure, we aren’t going to get the Nemo snow the US has seen this past week, but I think we’ve done our fair share of digging out this winter now. Enough already!

Photo 40/365: Trampolined out


Charlie went on the trampoline for the first time this year. After several failed photos of him bouncing I did capture a few shots I ended up post-processing, but this capture of him resting after all the bouncing came out so much better than the action shots, so I decided to make it my photo of the day.

Photo 39/365: Plug


If it wasn’t for this often overlooked piece of kit, my MacBook would cease to be useful in about four hours. A simple but very effective item in my technical arsenal that doesn’t usually get a second thought (until it’s forgotten!). Photographed on my iPhone as I packed up at work before heading home for the weekend.

Photo 38/365: Keys


I think this is the first portrait orientation photograph that’s made it into my #365project! These are my house keys (and others) in our front door. I liked how the key shadows fell behind the keys. No flash used, shot on the Nikon D80 with aperture priority and the kit 18-55 lens.

Photo 37/365: Lamp shade


This, believe it or not. is part of the lamp shade in our home office. It’s not so much a shade as a decorative light fitting. To get the shot I had to literally lay on the floor with my 70-300mm lens pointing at the ceiling. I tried shooting different sides of the shade but in the end optioned for this picture which makes up a lower part of the light fitting. Very little editing has been done other than a crop.

Photo 36/365: Another miserable day


Snow, rain, sleet, more snow and howling winds. It’s just another miserable day out there. I did try to capture this on my DSLR however I needed a tripod handy to keep the camera steady enough for the water droplets to have been in focus. I took the shot with my iPhone 5; Camera+ allows me to use the built in accelerometer which will only take the picture when the camera is steady.

Photo 35/365: Deserted and wet


It’s very wet out there at the moment. I had to pop to our local supermarket; whilst there I noticed an abandoned trolley. To avoid any camera shake I put the camera on the floor and took my picture. Eventually got what I wanted after a few recompositions and cropping later!

Photo 34/365: Rocket


Taken at the National Space Centre (Leicester) with a Signa 10-20mm lens on my Nikon D80. The kids liked the rocket because there was a button below it labelled, “Do not press”. If you did, the rocket fired up and covered you in smoke.

Photo 33/365: Boxed angles


Believe it or not, this is the outside of a car park in Sheffield City Centre. I love the way the light comes across the picture and how all the different boxes appear chaotic and random but also organised.